how to clean a water container to repurpose


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I use large rubber feed bowls in the summer filled with water just to make sure the birds never run out. My father came by and decided to work on a tractor and used one to drain hydraulic oil into. He dumped it and wiped it out and told me it was the heaviest oil drain he's ever seen. I washed it out with soap and water and bleached it as well. I see no residue and any sign oil was ever in it. Do you think its safe to use as a waterer again?
Personally, I wouldn't. I don't think you could completely wash something like that out of a rubber tub. Perhaps if it was glass or stainless steel, but not plastic or rubber. Unless you don't intend to eat the eggs or the meat. I also don't care for those rubber tubs anyways...they smell like tires, which I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't be leaching something toxic into the water.
Thanks for the advice. I'm just being cheap. I'll get them a bigger hanging waterer today. I'm so over cautious about them running out if water on hot days. I leave 2-3 of those white plastic 1 gallon waterers around the yard and I hang a 3 gallon one with their food.

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