How to clear nostrils/nares?

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi there,

    I am trying to find some advice on clearing my Japanese Bantam's nares. She had an infection from an eye injury several months ago which I treated with antibiotics and eye ointment and returned her to the coop when she was better. I have recently brought her back into my house because I have noticed discharge from her eyes, some swelling in her left sinus and laboured breathing. She's had another course of antibiotics and some more eye ointment but I have noticed that her nostrils are plugged. I have been bathing them with warm salt water but the blockages won't budge. I'm too scared to insert anything in them for fear of harming her (they're really small to, being a very small breed). She's eating and drinking happily and doesn't seem to have gurgly (is that a word?) or rattly breathing, just blocked nostrils. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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  2. Even though the blockages haven't budged yet, you may be loosening the dried stuff near the exterior. I'd continue using warm saline with a Q-tip and get some vet advice. You may need a medicated electrolyte to her drinking fountain, and possibly for your others if you think it's contagious. Maybe a Vicks humidifier near her cage? I hope someone with experience will land in this post, soon. Thanks goodness she's eating/drinking.
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    Good luck. I too would keep up the saline flushes as it may soften up the stuff in the nares. As for antibiotics. Sounds like you're going to need to find a stronger one as what ever you treated the previous time may be back and resistant to what you are using. Keep her quarantined and keep an eye out for the others if it's communicable.

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