How to contain goslings with free ranging parents

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  1. My older geese have always had free range of about an acre around the house. This has worked out well, but now we have goslings expected in a few days. The geese have never left the yard, but this morning we had a heavy rain, and I found the geese out playing in the puddles in the middle of the dirt road I live on. I can't have them teaching the little ones to go in the road every time it rains. I can't afford to fence in the entire yard, but I have found they need lots of room to wander, or they look for ways to get into trouble. What portable fencing will work for the goslings and full grown embdens? They are locked up at night, so it doesn't need to be predator proof.
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    You don't need tall fencing. 3' is good enough to keep them in it. Using the shorter fencing makes it more affordable to put up barriers. We use landscape timbers painted with white oil based porch paint and cut in half with the shorter fence to make various yards as needed. You cold also use the green metal fence posts, but the timbers work out to cost less over a large area.
  3. Thanks, Celtic. I have to use temporary fencing, unless I put up something fancy, so I guess I will use the metal fence posts. Even though I live on a farm, it is rented, and my landlord is fussy about some things, but as long as he lets me keep geese, I can live with the only chain link or better rule. I have gotten around it using lots of dog kennels, but the geese need a lot of room to wander.

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