How to control henhouse temperature autumn and winter

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    Autumn and winter temperature and the temperature difference between day and night change is very big, every day in order to ensure to chickens have a warm and comfortable living environment, make the production performance of chickens good play, must pay attention to control the temperature.
    How to control henhouse temperature
    1. The henhouse temperature to keep in 18 ~ 23 ℃ advisable, minimum should not be below 15 ℃.
    2. If should shake up the tent in windy weather (according to the change of the outside temperature, roll up half or full), prevent wind make inner temperature drop.
    3. According to the weather and the performance of the crowd every day to adjust the size of the air inlet. Air inlet to the plastic sheeting and three-ply board fixed tightly with wire or rope, let the wind blow, don't let the cold wind blow chicken directly, prevent cold stress and chickens.
    4. Is the temperature controller in the open, to prevent the cold wind blowing straight temperature controller, the surrounding temperature does not accord with actual temperature within henhouse. Fan can't open, easy to cause dirty air in the henhouse.
    5. Installing a regular temperature control fan, should choose stomach full, don't choose north to fan.
    6. Clean up before winter warm air blower dust, let the shutter when open heater parallel, let the hot air evenly with the henhouse. Workshop and hen house doors will be closed, don't open at the same time, to prevent the cold wind blows directly into the henhouse.
    7. Carefully observe chickens every day, if the chicken was lying on the scaffolding, back feather erect, said it's too cold in the henhouse. Hen house inside the scaffolding on the inlet end, no chicken chicken little or on the ground, said cold here, to adjust the air inlet or blocked air leakage, to prevent stress, make the chicken group colds.
    8. Before coming off work every day to check the fan belt, motor, whether temperature control fan is sensitive. Watch the weather forecast every day, so that prevention work in advance.
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    Huh???? [​IMG] I haven't a clue what you're talking about....
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    it looks like sugestive spelling has messed up a few things or some ones tried using a traslator program. either way you cant figure out what all is being said.

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