how to cull chick

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5 Years
Mar 21, 2014
Jefferson, TX
I have never been able to snap or cut a chicks head off. I worked with a vet that euthanized small reptiles by putting them in a mason jar with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. put the lid on and within seconds the lizard passed. I tried it with a deformed chick. it worked very fast. It was much easier and didn't give me nightmares. Just wanted to give others another option. I hope I don't offend
Anything humane shouldn't be taken as offensive. Thank you.

I've also used the chest freezer with great success. It's set at 15 below so whether hatched or not it is very, very quick.
x2. Anything to help them cross over as pain free and quickly without emotional trauma to the one making the choice. Thank you for this idea.
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