How to deter birds


13 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Niles, MI
Not sure what these little birds are, but they fit through the chicken wire into the run. My chickens are wonderful to them, never chasing them off and always happy to share their food.

I however, am not that hospitable and would rather they stay out. I was thinking about the "pie pan in the tree" trick.

Any ideas on how to stop these freeloading, chubby little birdies?
Smaller mesh zip tied onto the exsisting chicken wire, I had to do the same thing and yes it was pricey when you have a coop w/ breeder pens as large as mine. These are wild birds and will be even more of a problem come winter when they like the ready available food source. The thing is if you continue to let them in they will spread lice, mites and MG, AI. I had quite a bit of a time ridding some good birds and their pen's of mites this spring, because of these little pest.

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