How To determine which of your chickens may have worms??

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    How To is the infamous question I have, to determine if any of my chickens And Roos in my flock have worms? :sick

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    For most, you are only guessing, by symptoms such as weight loss with good appetite and dull comb. If they happen to have tapeworm, you will see little white segments in the poop that look like rice. Occasionally a roundworm infestation is bad enough that some come out in the poop; they are long, thin and eaisly visible.

    A vet can do a simple test on a poop sample, and many will do this for you for a modest fee, even if they don't treat chickens.

    The truth is, worms and worm eggs are very common and found in most soils, and any animal that lives on the soil is almost certain to have some worms. Warm, wet soils like mine are very likely to have a high number of them. For this reason, I worm regularly, without testing. The first time I did it, the birds gained weight but if anything, ate less. Usually, worming is not done before one year of age.
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    Spring time is worm time. Worm them before egg production picks up in the spring and dont just worm one bird, worm all of them.
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    is there anyway to keep the chickens considered as organic meat birds or organic fed egg layers and still give them medicine? I mean how do people keep their animals considered hormone and organic chickens? I'm trying so hard to do everything Organically! :th

    in Arizona desert where temperatures are already in the eighties I have tons of eggs which will probably slow down in the summer ( my slow season). Winters are usually fairly good as well and spring is my best season!

    on a side note I see Jeffers sells products for chickens, at least imminizations.
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