How to Dice a Banana on Your Cereal


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How to Dice a Banana

Many people like diced banana on breakfast cereal, or for other uses. Here is how to do it without using any separate cutting surface, or getting your hands sticky.

Using a sharp knife, cut the banana in half, lengthwise. You can put the banana down on the counter if you like, holding the knife parallel to the floor to do this.

Take up one of the banana halves in your hand, skin side down, flesh upward. Using the point of the knife, slice the banana longways in half. The knife will be perpendicular to the floor.

This will leave you with a banana skin in the palm of your hand, and inside that skin will be two long slender slices of banana flesh.

Hold the banana skin over your cereal bowl and cut off a crossways section of the halved banana in the size you want. Push those two banana chunks off and repeat until you are holding nothing but the empty half skin of the banana in one hand and the knife in the other.

The banana chunks will now be on top of your breakfast cereal.

Pick up the other half of the banana from the counter, which is still filled with flesh, and repeat.

Your hands will not have come in contact with the banana flesh and will not be sticky. You will also have saved any cleanup up a plate or cutting board. The banana skin is your glove and cutting board at the same time.

Great for adding bananas to pancakes or muffins.

[Warning: a very sharp knife is best for cutting the banana in half lengthwise the first time on the counter, parallel to the floor. However, the next two steps are cutting downward while the banana is held in your hand. These steps may be done more safely, and just as effectively, with a common butter knife. The flesh is very soft and can be cut both lengthwise and crosswise with a safe, dullish knife. A razor sharp knife might cut through the skin into your hand with little notice or effort by accident. I use a single sharp knife for both, but I have long practice with this banana dicing method.]


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(Smirks) I dig it. I've done similar.

Here's the 'swiss army knife' method I have coined that I'm sure others have done....

1) snap end away and peel ~1/2 - 3/4 of the skin down to the nub.
2) grab teaspoon or soup spoon that you prefer to use for eating cereal
3) use spoon to slice banana directly I to the bowl
4) toss peel in compost bin
5) finish preparing your cereal as you wish
6) enjoy

As a dad of many kids, time is shorter then we always want on school mornings.
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