How to do the deed with ducks....


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May 24, 2012
You know I can do chickens and rabbits with ease. I mean WAM BAM thank you mame! But you know as soon as I think of harvesting ducks it just doesn't go past that. I'll be having extra ducklings after selling some. How do you overcome the thoughts of butchering them being that there basically as friendly and attentive at my dogs?
you figure out from hatch, or purchase who will be for dinner and you keep that mind set as they grow up.
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I think when you are planning on butchering anything, it is best to not treat them as anything more than livestock. You can't think of them as a pet, give them a name etc. I am not saying that they should be raised without love and care but just keep in mind that they have a purpose. Keep your friendliest, fastest growing, best layers and setters and treat them as pets if you want. Processing ducks isn't very different than chickens, thicker necks, WAY more feathers.

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