How to dye vents to determine who lays what?


Jul 23, 2018
Kootenai County, ID
Hello all!

I have gotten 6 eggs so far today from my 23 week old 12 RIR pullets! Woohoo!

I would love to know who is laying, and when (as I am finding eggs throughout the day), and who is laying what. I checked vents, but as this is my first flock I have no idea which vents were definitive layers and which weren't...and they won't hold still long enough for me to try my hand at finding the pubic bones (plus I have tiny hands- extra small gloves in nursing assistant school, so I doubt my little fingers will be accurate for width and distance apart).

I think I read somewhere on here that some people use food coloring around the vent to determine who is laying and who is laying what and when? How does one go about this? I am wondering if I have more than 6 laying and they're just not all laying every day, or if some haven't yet laid their first eggs.

Any help would be appreciated! :)
Oops! Lol lipstick for real???? Ya know how much that stuff costs??
I don’t see how lipstick would stay on a moist hens ...woohoo.
Maybe I go look it up
And shuudup!
I have no idea how much it costs.
I've always just snuck the wives then put it back in her purse before she missed it.
Okay this question has been asked before. Boy there were some funny pages on the internet when you search this topic. From what I read the one that made common sense to me was to use Bingo Doppler’s. Ya know the little plastic bottles with sponges on the lid. Didn’t look up how much they were up you can get them at craft or game sections of like Walmart (they have everything don’t they?)
Fill them with nontoxic food dye. The only thing that throws me off is, it would dry right? And laying hens vents are very moist so... dunno.
You’ll hate me for saying this but that’s why I got hens that lay different colors. Sorry I’m not much help.

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