How To easily identify individual chickens?


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
I am thinking i might have an egg eater
I caught all the hens in the coop midday yesterday and thought something was going on so i went out and checked to see them all fighting over an egg shell, what was left of it anyway. I am hoping that maybe one just got broke accidentally and they all partook in a one time treat. But if not i want to stop it right now. Anyhow is there something out there that i can mark the chickens with that is highly visible besides a tiny leg band? I am going to move one of my home surveillance cameras to the coop and aim it at the nest box's and see if i can find the one who is doing this if it is indeed a re occurring thing.
Thanks for any input
I've painted my chickens before when I was trying to see who was laying and who wasn't. I had a dozen different color paints and just put a swipe on their back. It only last a couple days before it came off. I've also heard of someone using fingernail polish to paint their legs, said it lasted longer on the legs then on their feathers.
Hope it was just an isolated incident, egg eaters are bad news.
Good lUck,


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