how to encourage my hens to lay their first eggs


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Aug 4, 2019
here is my silver laved brahma they are 6 months and 3 weeks(hatched February 10th) they didn't start to lay eggs any tips or advice to get them lay their first eggs?
:lol::lol::lol: , maybe they didn't start laying they just got them from the market cause they are scared
Yep, With all sincerity, just feed them regularly, bulk in the morning and little bit in the evening, consistent type/brand of food, always access to good water, and try not to let them get stressed. That will keep them laying once they start. If you are way up North, you may look into supplemental light, but that's just optional. With the three week old, many times if a hen "comes of age" during winter, she may not lay until spring. Nothing is in stone, just good common practice will keep you in eggs.
not all breeds lay as soon, most on average it's 4-6 months some breeds it is 9-12 months before they start laying, nothing you can do to hurry biological along. recommendation is patience or a little research on breeds if you need them to lay quickly
by the way ti can vary from pullet to pullet too
so any advice on brahma breeds ?
Layer birds start up around 6 months. Heavier dual purpose breeds start up closter to 8 months. If not laying by winter then usually won't until spring unless you supply lighting.

My guess is your Brahma will start up around the same time my breeder stock Wyandotte do. Another 10 weeks.

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