how to encourage the start of egg-laying?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by bibliophile birds, Feb 23, 2010.

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    I like your personal tag lines on your signature.
    sounds like a great place you have.

    the cursing is a true story, my son in law was there, still brings it up as a laughable story.
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    Aug 24, 2009
    Barbeque really close to the coop [​IMG] That should send the message loud and clear! j/k!
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    calf manna......... it is also called Protein booster.... I gave it to my girls for 10 days..... and walla ......... eggs
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    Manok-Tao: it really is. it's the farm i grew up on. i've been away for most of the past 8 years (college and then work) but i've been back almost a year and i'm very happy to be.

    Bravo: i just sent 4 off to the freezer, so i thought the others might take the hint. no such luck, as yet.

    gritsar: THANK YOU for sharing that link. totally wonderful!

    Bedste: can you get organic calf manna? i didn't think you could.
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    Leah, you just load up some of those chickens and bring them over to my side of town. Mine can give them a good talking to. Also read on here someone took a bucket of KFC down to his coop and threatened his chicks with it.

    Honestly though - patience is it's own reward.....think eggs, think eggs, think eggs.
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    You can repaint their coop their favorite color and stand on your head but truly they lay when they are ready. I know it feels like FOREVER but they will lay eventually. I tried everything - even switched to game grower crumbles which may or may not have helped - fed them pepper flakes, golf balls in the nest box.

    When their waddles and combs are vividly bright red, they are squatting, singing egg song - those are the signs to look for and when they reach sexual maturity and their little bodies start ovulation they will lay eggs.

    I was right their with you around November - One of my chickens still has yet to lay her first egg 5/15 hatching but that could be due to late molt. So that is the secret: Time and Mother nature.


    Hang in there! Some of mine were over 6 months when they layed their first eggs.
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    Quote:Whats a "walla?" [​IMG]

    Seriously, adding additional protein to the diet wont ensure egg production, simply by its presence. It will provide the needed nutritionals once egg production is underway, but it wont reliably kick start the process in and of itself. I've used 'Calf Manna' in the past and if it made the difference, well... I wouldn't suggest buying it just for that.

    However, 'Calf Manna' is, indeed, great stuff and should be included in your feed stores. Add a half cup to your favorite pancake recipe sometime - it's good for people, too.
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    Quote:Now that was worth the read. She should write children's books! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Now that was worth the read. She should write children's books! [​IMG]

    About children that misbehave!

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