how to excel gowth in chicks

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5 Years
Mar 25, 2014
this is my third thread on this topic, anyway i'm doing a science project on how to make baby chicks grow faster. I have for chicks in groups of two. I've been feeding on group normal feed and the other with the same feed and natural food. With my research I came around to a couple articles and both said that worms would enhance growth. The group of chicks go bonkers for the worms but there is no difference in the weight between them and the other chicks. I did some more research and saw that brighter light increases muscle mass so I put the brighter light on the "super chicks" last night. Now I'm gonna try a new natural food this week other than worms, I know lots of protein is great but does anyone else have any tips, thanks
I've never heard of worms improving growth, at least not normal ground-living worms. Mealworms might, since they are high in protein, loved by chickens, and easily digestible.

As for other ways to improve growth, light certainly helps, at least to a certain extent (make sure they can sleep some of the time!). You could also purchase some vitamins/electrolytes and probiotics to put in their water, as those give energy and important nutrients. Getting them to eat more could help, too--birds love eating moistened feed, so if you gave them some of that, I expect they would gain more weight in return.

Good luck with your project!

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