How to fatten up chickens to eat?

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  1. robdog

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    How to fatten up chickens to eat?
    My tia came over and was ready to kill 2 for my mom but she said they were too skinny. What should I feed at a cost effective range to them.. They are delawares around 12 weeks old.... I got 5 of them as chicks hoping to breed them for more delawares but came out with 5 roosters.
    But just in general if they are too young another question is what would be the cheaper and better way to feed them 18% protein chick grow or pure cracked corn(which is the cheaper) for a few weeks?
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    They are probably a little too young to have filled out just yet. Growers / chick feed would be ok IMO, and then maybe wait a little while longer?
  3. robdog

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    How about when they are older 18-22 weeks to fatten them up would cracked corn work well?
    Its cheap where I live where its about $15 for 55 gallon barrel
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    Cracked corn is candy. You're gonna get a bird with no actual meat and massive amounts of fat feeding that. Worthless for meat. An 18-22% juvenile or meat grow with corn, scratch, or pigeon mix added the last 1-2 weeks will make a nice bird. For hatchery Delawares I'd say butcher at 16-18 weeks for a decent size.

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