How to find an Experienced Trapper?


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Feb 19, 2019
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Are there any online resources or Facebook groups that anyone knows of where I might be able to find someone willing to trap and eliminate/relocate/whatever a very irritating bobcat? I've had no luck myself and clearing all the underbrush and burning brush piles (on the neighbor's property) doesn't seem to help it want to do that on it's own.

Also any idea what would kill with a slash to the neck. Not a BoP or there wouldn't have been one dead in the pen and another carried off. The hen with the slashed neck was hiding under an elevated log they have to climb on when she died. This happened in broad daylight. Until I can get rid of the issue they are all going to be locked up in the barn.


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Jun 2, 2020
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Interestingly I can't find bobcats listed. Which is odd, since they seem to list everything else. lol
Yeah, it just came up on a search. One of them in your area could point you in the right direction tho. Good luck.

Side story: A bobcat was getting into the catnip at a local botanical garden. LOL


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I used leg/foot traps. I did eliminate this bobcat after it killed 14 birds. Good luck...


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State DNR or Conservation Departments usually have a trapping expert on staff.
I know the Missouri Department of Conservation does employ one. He was somewhat helpful with a mink problem I had.
x2, or county, depending on what the resources are like where you're at. I had beavers take down about half a dozen trees and the county wildlife office directed us to a nuisance trapper that caught 4 beavers for us, enough to make the rest of the beaver family move on.

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