How to get a hen broody?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Nickeyo, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Nickeyo

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    This spring im planning on hatching some chicks but i wanted to know a few things about hatching

    1) Out of Wyandottes, welsummers and EX-Battery hens which go broody most

    2) how do i get a hen broody

    3) if a hen goes broody and i move it to a broody coop will it stop brooding

    All help would be apreciated.
  2. dickhorstman

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    Dec 8, 2009
    The Wyandottes are probably your best bet.
    The hens are going to set when they decide to. You can hurry them up some by leaving eggs in the nest. After she has been setting for several days you should be able to move her.
  3. Nickeyo

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    k thxs my only issue is my wyandotte hen is bottom of the pecking order and my welsummer is very aggressive towards her
  4. flockgirl

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    Apr 11, 2012
    My wyandottes have always done really good for me. But I have never had welsummers so I don't know about them. Definatly just leave like 8 or 9 eggs in the nesting box(depending on how big your hens are) and see if one decideds to set. You don't want to put too many though because if there are too many the ones on the outer edge will not get adequate heat. Whenever my hens go broody I actually leave them in the nesting box until the first chicks pip. It may seem crazy but none of th others ever mess with th broodys. After the first chick pips I set up a tote with some straw and move them to the tote so the babies can't get away from mama. Good luck [​IMG]
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  6. sumi

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    1. Out of those 3 I only had Ex bats and they did go broody. Not very often, but they were fantastic mothers.

    2. You don't. Broodiness is a hormonal thing that can kick in any moment. Some hens are more inclined to go broody than others, as does some breeds. You can encourage/tempt hens by leaving eggs in the nest box, but it's not a guarantee. I've had some success with this method though. Try it with fake eggs.

    3. Broodies don't like being moved and she will probably try to get back to her original brooding spot. If possible wait until she's hatched her chicks before moving them.
  7. Nickeyo

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    kk, my wyandotte who is most promising is lowest paecking order and gets picked on by the welsummer alot. i have one ex-bat that sticks close to the roo and has become more aggressive since we got him
  8. jonhlawless18

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    May 31, 2012
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    what i do to get my orpington broody is i take her eggs everyday and replace it with a fake one. sometimes i add 2 or 3 each day it speeds things up usually she will begin sitting within the week and i take the fake eggs away and put the fertile ones under her.
  9. Nickeyo

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    that sounds gd

    all ideas will be welcome

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