How to get chickens to lay where you want them to?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Appytaz, Aug 14, 2008.

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    I am new to this chicken thing and need some advice. Right now we have 2 "mutt" chickens and 1 silkie Roo (the Silkie's mate just died on Saturday) We also have 2 babies about 7 weeks old. The 3 elders all free range our property. The white hen has tamed alot, however the black one hen will jump you if you get to close.
    So, I am really interested in getting eggs from them, however, they are always changing where they are laying. The black hen was laying in hay in the garage, which was great, we had an egg a day from her. Then the cats took over her nest and she moved out back to various of odd spots. Our white hen laid her first nest and by the time we found her - we just let her hatch the babies (We kept 2 from her and found homes for the others) Everyone has their "spot" where they roost at night. We have a unique living arrangement so predators are not an issue.

    So, now that I have rambled so long (sorry) How can we get them to lay in one spot to collect eggs from free rangers?

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    The only way I know to do it is to pen them up for a week or so, with the nest box(s) and some golfballs or fake eggs in the boxes.

    If you can get them into the habit of laying in the boxes, then they will come back to lay in them (mostly, anyway)

    Good luck

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