how to get dogs to stop eating horse,chicken,turkey, poop!!!


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Nov 12, 2015
i just got a new dog and need to know how to get her to stop eating horse,chicken,turkey poop..
at first when i let my dog out she tryed to eat horse poop 2 times but when she did i said no and took it out of her mouth..
that worked.. but when i took her to the turkey house she started eating turkey poop as soon as she got the smell of it! so i said no and took it out of her mouth but then not even 3 secends before she starts eating it agan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do i get her to stop... i cant always clean turkey poop up cuz they poop almost every couple hours so i dont have that much time too clean it all up.
then i read her dog food bag and it says wheat. chicken. and turkeys food have wheat is it + there turkeys almost the same smell as chickens.. so what do i do now?????
Unfortunately some dogs just have this icky habit and you may not get her to stop. I would possibly look at getting her some nutritional supplements. Some animals (and people too) will eat weird things when their diet is lacking. Children have been observed eating dirt/clay/rubber and other non nutritive things, its called pica. I craved ice when I was extremely anemic. When my anemia was handled, voila, no craving for was weird!

But, that being said...your dog may just like stinky stuff! Others have dealt with the issue. Here's a link to a thread;
I've spoiled my dogs enough now that they turn their nose to poop (which they used to enjoy) or other less palatable edible? things. I'm not sure if this will work for you, and having finicky dogs can be pib. I feed my dog super premium tasty diet, yet they still will eat em as last resort. Coprophagia can be hard to break, especially when one eats other livestock's poo, not just their own which can be broken with supplement that makes poo taste terrible.
i think it was the food i was feeding her cuz she dosent know poop is not food becuz it smells the same as her food.. i think next time i will buy her some raw meat in stead of (wheat and chicken dog food) lol... well i will try other foods. and next time i go to the turkey house i will have a leash on her and try not to let her eat poop... shes 8 weeks old so i might still be able to train her not too.
Chickens also eat dog poo and love to peck thru horse droppings etc. A lot of folks report the same thing - at least it's better than the dogs eating the chickens or turkeys.

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