How to get pullets to lay!!!!


11 Years
Jan 1, 2009
Hey all,

My pullets are a day or two away from laying!!! They have bins full of hay that they have been making nests in. The only catch is that I leave mey 8 foot tall, 3 foot wide people door open for them to get in. Their chicken door is 5 feet high with a ladder attached. Should I just leave my door open until they all start laying, or close it now, so they can go in through their door to lay.
No, they have boxes with stone eggs, golf balls, and hay!!!! They have been hopping into them, and building nests, but no EGGS!
It will be very soon. I'd leave both doors open until they start laying regularly...then leave just the chicken door open.

Once they start tending to the's not long!

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