How To Get Rid Of A Rooster?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Wolftalk, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Wolftalk

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    Aug 1, 2011
    The Coop :)
    Quote:Northern CA, but ive never heard of the Amish up here. Thank you guys for all your suggestions.
  2. humpbacks1962

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    Jun 20, 2007
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    I googled local chicken breeders once (for my state), and came up with a no-kill farm that adopted two roos. They were very young though, but you can try and see who breeds chickens nearby.
    You can post an ad in "Petfinder". There are people who will adopt unwanted farm animals. In some states, there are no-kill sanctuaries with that purpose.

    I never had luck posting an ad here. Too many people do not wish to have more roosters.

    Try those two alternatives and see how it goes...
  3. PamB

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Dayville, CT
    Don't do this. It doesn't "sound" harsh, it is harsh. There are too many other options than to make the rooster suffer trying to survive on his own alone out there. I always use craiglist if I can't find a home on here. It can be risky, but you also can meet the person somewhere. Don't give out your address and ask your mom or another adult to bring you to a public/busy area to meet up during the day time. Good luck!!

  4. GardenGal

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    Craiglist worked really well for us. We got our chicks from there, and re-homed our roosters there. I don't know if your rooster gets to free range, ours were stinkers if they didn't get out. Hopefully he'll find a place where he can run around all the time. Good luck!
  5. Wolftalk

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    I want someone on here to take him!!!! He would be alot nicer if he could free rage. But he is stuck in a 8x4 coop while im school other wise im afraid my dog will kill him. He is natorious for chasing and killing things that run. And im short on building another run. Im going to but i need my dads trailer but hes always at work and cant help me. So yea. I live North of Chico CA if you live around this area youll know what im talking about. I think i may have him a home already but i really just want him to go be a chicken somewhere. Thanks BYC!!!!

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    Apr 28, 2011
    X2. Then it just give the predetor the idea that he can come back for seconds...
  7. deanna&rich

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    Jun 2, 2009
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    Oh, I recommend that you do not just "leave him out at night".
    Someone left their noisy rooster out at a park next door to me and he was mean enough to stay alive (probably scared all the coons and coyotes away). Then, he crowed all night and all day, driving all of the neighbors crazy. Finally, three boys from the church made up a hunting team and made traps ... it was still another couple of days until suddenly the air was silent again.

    Plus, I don't believe it is very "humane" ... how terrifying for the bird to be removed from the flock and then hunted to death.

    good luck...
  8. dobby13

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    Nov 17, 2011
    My wife and I had a mean rooster and we ate him. He had a good life right up to his final moment and he was very tasty.I don't make light of a serious situation,it was tough to actually kill him,it was quick and we roasted him for supper.We also made soup and I saved feathers to tie flys.
  9. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    The meaner they are, the better they taste.

    A bantam is big enough to make a pot of nice chicken noodle soup and if he is pretty, you can sell the feathers on eBay.

    If you want to give him away, the easiest way is Craigslist. Meet the people somewhere safe. Your local feed store would be a good choice of places.

    Do not expect to get him a nice safe pet home. Pet homes for roosters are very hard to come by, and your bird is mean so he doesn't deserve to get one of the rare spaces in a pet home.
  10. Yashar

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Oak Hill, New York
    I have a friend who has a big lot of land. He doesn't like to kill them so he drops them off and lets them fend for themselves. Some are there still after several months.

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