How To Get Rid Of A Rooster?


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Aug 1, 2011
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Okay so I have decieded that I dont want my Rooster anymore. He's mean and aggresive and attacks my little sisters
fortunately he doesnt seem to have a problem with adults. My question is exacally how to get rid of him. Craigslist is risky and I dont have my drivers licens yet so I cant really drop him off with anyone. And I do not know or have the means to make soup out of him. But Im not allowed to get more hens untill hes gone. Any advice helps thanks BYC!!!!

If anyone north of Chico CA wants him (he is really Pretty!) let me know and check out my page for pictures of him. Hes under "Auggie" I really want him to go be a chicken somewhere. THANKS
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You can put him up for auction on here. I don't know where you live. But I give my extras to the Amish.
Good luck
Since your are underage get your parents involved and let them know you are wanting to get rid of the rooster. As you said Craigs list is risky and you might find a safer outlet by putting up a notice in the local feed store. A free rooster will go quickly but there is no guarantee what will happen to him.
What if you got your parents involved and "harvested" him to give to a needy family? There are just waaaaaaay too many gentle roosters out there to pass around an aggressive one. just my $.02.
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My mom is the one who wants me to get rid of him so she knows and im sure that she will help me if I need it. A feed store is a good idea, Ill definately check with them. Tanks a ton!!
Google "Amish Community" and your home state and if that doesn't help, the states closest to you. Or go to a furniture store that sells Amish furniture and ask them who their supplier is.

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