How to get rid of Fruit Flies


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Coastal NC
Anyone out there have a good way to get rid of fruit flies in the house?

I've tried a few things but all I seem to be doing is feeding them.

my husband was doing the wine in a dish- they were loving it but not drowning or not enough of them drowning. so i got rid of the wine, washed the counter top really well and got rid of any fruit that was there including wrapping any to be thrown out before it goes in the garbage can. if you still have them, you have hidden fruit some place and you need to find it. once the fruit is gone, so will they and usually within 2 days tops.
I just went through this a couple of weeks ago when we had some bananas. I take a small dish and put either apple cider or red wine vinegar in it. BUT, you have to add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid to it, which makes them drown when they drink it. This, and taking all the fruit off the counter tops until they're gone, is how we get rid of the hateful little things. Best wishes!
My DH made some fruit fly traps. You start with a plastic jar (like a small peanut butter or mayo jar) and drill a hole in each side so you can slide in a drinking straw. You cut a hole in the bottom of the straw and stick in through the hole in the jar and trim the straw off flush with the hole. Put a piece of ripe banana peel in the bottom of the jar and replace the lid. The fruit flies will go into the jar drawn by the scent of banana and won't be able to get back out because they won't find the hole they came in. It really works!
We had them hanging out in the bathroom sink, attracted to toothpaste, I guess. I sprayed some marigold insect repellent (sold at our feed store, but I got some free samples). It's "all natural", no chemicals, and smells ok to boot. I sprayed the sink and surrounding area, and around the kitchen sink as well, and I haven't seen many since. Of course, removing fruit from the counter and being sure the compost bucket is shut tight (we keep it under, not on, the counter) helps!
I tried the ACV and it was like a buffet. What worked was sticky fly trap thingies hanging in the kitchen. I figured out what they were feeding on and cleaned that up. The sticky trap got all the flying ones. It was gross and yucky, but it worked.

Good luck. They are annoying little suckers.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I knew that fruit flies are attracted to the color white.
They really are. Before I posted I put some red wine in a white saucer.
Man they were drinking it big time and pooping all over my white toaster sitting just behind the dish, Yuk.

I tried again with the red wine but in a small bowl. Covered it tight with plastic wrap and poked a few small holes in the top.
Amazing!! I caught and drowned about 30 of the little buggers.

I will try some of the great ideas ya'll suggested.
Thanks to all

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