How to get rid of hawks?

Coop de Grass

Jun 30, 2015
South Brunswick, New Jersey
Everyone should remember that the three chicken hawks (Red Tail, Cooper, and Blue Darter or Sharp Shined Hawk) feed almost exclusively on birds, and if you are a hawk you will soon learn that baby birds are the tenderest and most juicy birds in the forest.
I thought we had coopers hawks. My step son came for a visit and told us that they are sharp shins... I didn't mind the pair that was nesting on our acre before we got chickens, and they weren't around for a couple of years. I did lose a few pullets when I first started. We kept improving our predator proof space. There is a completely secure 30'x30'x8'H hardware cloth wrapped run with a roof over 1/2 of it. The past 2 years I had an additional area that was 50 x 30 and then continued in a 15'wide band under the trees for an additional 20'. I put bird netting over the top of it, and the hawks never got through that. I took down that area last fall, and will rebuild it with aviary netting. My original flock had all that room and would free range as much as I could get out there. The new flock of 11 stays in the run, and is just now coming out into a small grassy area as long as I'm there.

Michael Propst

Sep 12, 2017
De Soto, KS 66018
I dont think you can ever just get rid of them they are birds of prey but you can deter them from entering your girls space. I have probably went overboard in my hawk deterrents but I have strung CD's together and hung from trees also bought some of those 1" craft mirrors and glued them to boards and hung in trees also have created a web of paracord with scare tape tied on and mason line to create a intertwined web over my backyard along with some what I call scare-a-hawk ghosts. Similar to how it was done in the beginning of this video except I attached eye-bolts to my house and trees that I tied the line onto.



Jun 19, 2018
Washington State
I just chased off a hawk that was sitting on the chicken fence! How can I get rid of those things? We have three of them!
I know that crows can be quite helpful in not only driving them off, but alerting other birds/chickens to when they are around...
Crows don't like hawks, so the more you have around the better. We have hundreds in our neighborhood...
Not sure that helps you really since "Crow's R Us" just closed down...;)
and I'm not sure if attracting them to your yard specifically is possible, but it's an interesting fact! :rolleyes:
EDIT: I just realized this post is from like 2016... LOL
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