How to get rid of hawks?


May 15, 2015
Here are some ideas-
-Remove bird feeders (that you put out for wild birds)
-Plant small shrubs for chickens to hide in
-Put spikes on fence (so that it can't perch on it)
-Scare hawks away with things such as loud whistles, recorded bird distress calls, or even a motion-sensored water sprinkler that shoots the hawk whenever it comes near- however change the type and location of these things frequently, as hawks are very smart animals and will soon overcome their fear if you don't constantly change these things
-Cover the coop/pen with chicken wire to protect the chickens
-Close entryways to sheds, barns, and other places where hawks might nest (however be sure to get any existing nests out safely first)

Hope that helps!


Apr 30, 2016
Ive heard people will draw crows to their property and they chase the hawks off.  I dont know how well that works however.  I have many other predators so I myself invested in a guard dog.

What breed of dog do you have? How did you train it? Does it kill hawks?


Jul 26, 2016
Upper Peninsula, MI
We just had a hawk in the yard, it actually came closer to us as we moved in front of our ducks! We called our dog over too, nothing would budge that bird! The ducks have an enclosed run, but they are going to be super depressed if they can't roam the fenced yard tomorrow. There are lots of hiding places, and usually at least one dog roaming the yard, I don't know if I should risk it. It was a red tailed hawk

the chick guy

In the Brooder
Aug 11, 2016
Put fake crows and owls up on like poles some where crows and hawks hate same with all birds of prey just Remer to move them so it looks real and it's illegal to kill birds of prey

2 one is hang cd's up it hurts the birds eyes when the sun shines into it but it won't blind them

3rd put shrubs throughout your yard so theyou can run under them also helps to have a rooster to give a warning call

4th I don't like this one because it might injury the bird but put a 1 in to 1 1/2 in mesh net

Hope this helps I wish the best to you and your chickens

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