How to get rid of mites..?

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    Jun 18, 2008
    One of my roosters has scaley leg mites and i have tried vasaline and it just doesnt work. I have heard of DE but i am wondering what exacly that is, how to use it, and where can i get it? I want to get rid of these mites before it gets really bad so any information would be helpfull! thanks!
  2. if you try DE be sure you get the FOOD GRADE and I use an old stocking and dust under the wings and vent really good. HOWEVER it will not help leg mites that i know of, I would wash his legs in warm water, with an antibotic soap and use an old toothbrush to clean off any loose mites, then rub him down good with BAG BALM. I buy mine at the local co-op, but I think walmarts carrys it also, its in a green can and works wonders for people, animals and chickens.People- summertime when chaffing gets really bad, cover all the red parts.and I use it on my dogs. for any red chaffing. marrie
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    Food grade DE will not work for leg mites...but it's not bad to have around for other mites....

    I rescued one chicken that had leg mites so bad that her scales were falling off....lets just say that the typical vaseline, olive oil, vicks, etc treatments were not enough. They would seem to start working and then get worse again. I think the "infection" was so deep, the oils did not reach the deep ones. Those treatments work if you catch it early, but not for advanced cases. I don't typically use medications, but in this case I had exhausted all my alternatives... Pour on Ivermectin...3drops on the back. It's not labeled for chicken use, but it works and many use it this way. Some people say you don't even have to have a waiting period for eating the eggs, because there's no waiting period for when they use it on cows and taking their milk.....but, I waitede 7 days for peace of mind. (oops, I just read it was a rooster!.....) oh, I would vaseline the legs of all the chickens, do it 7days apart *2 treatments.....if the roo has leg's likely your other hens have a mild case as well.

    By the way, that chicken I rescued.... I was told she was too old to lay eggs....but she had all three types of mites, and she is now one of my best layers and has XXL sized eggs. I swear she's saying THANK YOU with every egg!!!

    Good Luck-
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    Jun 29, 2009
    According to the Chicken Health Hanbook by Gail Damerow

    Scaley Mites can be controlled by brushing roosts and legs with 1 part Kerosene and 2 parts Linseed oil (repeat every 10 days as needed to cure bird).

    You can use Ivormectin (Ivormec)
    Batam dose 5-7 drops by mouth per bird, standard bird 1/4 cc by mouth.

    Hope that helps.
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    Jun 18, 2008
    Can you put vaseline on feather footed chickens and baby chicks? I think my baby chicks have mites already too and i dont even know how they got them?! Did the mites get on me and when i went to pet the chicks it got on them?! Or am i just imagining they have mites? Thanks!
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    Jun 29, 2009
    It should not hurt them, on the feather footed ones, they will get very dirty and it takes awhile to wear off, or wash completely off.
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    Sep 7, 2008
    Vaseline is not the best treatment for SLMs. A lighter type of oil worked much better, since it will penetrate between the scales. I buy a quart of mineral oil and put in a half teaspoon of permethrin. Then, I immerse the legs of the bird in it and keep them there for a minute or two. When I began doing that, I didn't need to repeat the treatment.
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    new zealand
    Quote:Soak the legs in warm water, remove most of the crust, there will be slight bleeding if it's a bad case...

    soak the leg in cooking oil and wipe excess, repeat the oil every 3-4 days for at least 4-5 weeks....

    Most important of all.... the legs will still look ugly until the next moult...
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    I had very good luck soaking the chickens legs in a warm bath of epsom salts (about 15 mins) then coating the legs well with vasaline and some poultry dust mixed in. I also dusted the entire bird for mites. I repeated every week and now the birds legs look like new.

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