How to get started showing silkies (Texas)

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    Hi! I was wondering if any pros would be willing to give me some advice on how to start showing silkies. I have bought a couple chicks and hatching eggs this year that I'm hoping will be very nice quality, from a breeder.

    Are there any certifications you must have in order to show birds? What kind of things do you look for when selecting which birds to show (aside from five toes, black skin, dark eyes..), and what are some faults to watch out for?

    Brand spanking new at this, any advice and info would be appreciated!

    Token pic of one of my buff silkie chicks
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    Try to locate a poultry club in your area that you can join. Then try to find an experienced silky breeder who can mentor you. If you can't locate a local club, go to a poultry show and try to meet some silky breeders. Good luck.
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    That. That. and finally? That.
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    There are a number of good Silkie breeders in Texas- what part of Texas are you in?
    The Bluebonnet Classic did a special award on Silkies this year - next year it is Wyandotte's
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