How to get them back together.

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    I had a 4 month old rooster and pullet in a separate pen from my 5 older pullets (5 months old). I free ranged them together for about a month and then moved the rooster and pullet into the big coop. All was well, no problems. About a month ago my head hen was hurt by my dog. I had to take her out of the coop. The next day the rooster and one of the older pullets fought. Her comb was bleeding. I believe she started it. At the time I thought she might be rooster but she has since started laying. I tried putting her back in, he immediately attacked her. I tried free ranging them together, he attacked her.

    The top hen is recovering so I tried putting the two hens together, they were pecking at each other and the head hen isn't strong enough yet. When the head hen completely recovers, is there any way to get them all back together.
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    At this point, I'd suggest keeping the pullet and the head hen out of the coop together but putting them in separate cages, so they can see each other without pecking. When the head hen's better, try reintroducing them back to the flock (in the coop, not free-range) at the same time. Neither of them will be the only "new" chickens in the coop (chickens have short memories), and the flock may have a better attitude toward accepting two more members.
    There may be some rather vicious fights, especially if one of your hens is willing to take on the rooster. Let them sort it all out. Most rooster-hen fights I've seen have been pretty short. Just have some warm water ready and maybe some flour for comb-wounds (it stops any bleeding). Don't take them out to doctor them, though (if they even need it); just patch them up right in the coop. If it's cold where you are, don't worry too much unless it gets below 25* F. Chickens are hardy animals!
    Good luck!
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    Lots of space, multiple feed/water stations can help alot.
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    Thanks for the replies. I will try putting them both back as soon as she is well.

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