How to get these buckets apart????


12 Years
Oct 26, 2007
I went out to start cleaning the coop out. I need several of my 5 gallon buckets. 3 of them have been stored on top of each other.......but I can't get them apart!! I'm about to scream! haha
Any ideas??? Thanks.
Tap down on the rim of the bottom one with a hammer while holding the top one by its handle. Work your way around and don't be afraid to get aggressive with that hammer. I'm a tile setter who's had to do this hundreds of times. When you get them apart make sure you don't stack them in that order again or else you'll be repeating this process. Have fun!
Lay them down on there sides. Put your foot on the bottom one and spin the top one. Once they twist they will pull apart. Just went through this yesterday.
If all else fails (twisting and hammering-while-pulling *usually* do it, but not always), running hot tapwater over the outermost one often helps.

In future, store them with a piece of baler twine or something dropped in between them so that they do not form a tight seal with each other (the vacuum behind the tight seal is what's holding 'em together right now).

Good luck, "have fun" <g>,

Thanks everyone!
What made it so hard was the several lips each bucket had and I just couldn't get a good handle on anything!
I'm resting right now from all the earlier effort, but as soon as I get my strength back, I'll try your suggestions! It was soooooooooo frustrating!!

The tip about putting some twine inbetween them is a good one.
Thanks again!
Sometimes the air gets pushed out from between them when you stack them and then when you try to pull them away from each other, it creates a suction and they are stuck like glue. Try wedging a screwdriver around the edge of them to get some air underneath each in the stack. That might help.

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