how to get your chickens to behave nicely towards you

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7 Years
Apr 4, 2012
My chicks were not behaving nicely when I got them,with my rooster being the worst of them. My solution was took hold all eleven of them every day along with feeding and watering:D
Treats make friends! When my chickens hear the sound of the sliding glass door, they come running. They know if it's me, there will be treats! As soon as they see it isn't me, the stampede regresses.
O and they love it when I take them for walks around the block while I talk to them. Also I made a recipe for the best lasagna made specially for chickens take some chicken feed mix it with leftovers from last nights pasta dinner note you might have to cut up the pasta from last nights leftovers add parmesan cheese add tomato sauce, and boom you've made a delicious snack your hens and roosters are guaranteed to love every time. :p

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