how to get your chickens to behave nicely towards you


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Apr 4, 2012
My chicks were not behaving nicely when I got them,with my rooster being the worst of them. My solution was took hold all eleven of them every day along with feeding and watering:D
close and regular attention throughout the day every day,as well as talking to them [whether in their language or human] is the best way at making a bond with a chick or chicken.
unless they are particulary shy which woud work best being in the area but allowing them to approach for attention rather than calling them or picking them up.

several of mine are roos and have that classic roo rebel attitude on them,they are a bit more reactive to fight or flight than hens have found.
had found the best way with roos is to have a regular routine of putting hands into the brooder slowly and make sure to approach them from the front,stroke their chests/neck area [they seem to like it more than other places] and chat to them in chick language alot,will have proper chick conversations when theyre up and about.
the hens had no problem with physical attention being held from the word go.

very different behavior to several days ago; this was lorna tonight,being very loving [he is named after lorna wing,its a woman but it doesnt bother us or lorna because she is awesome like the chick]-

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