How to give chicks to a broody hen?


Mar 23, 2017
Central Michigan, USA

We think we have a broody hen, not sure (she stays in the nesting box for quite some time and attacks any hand that reaches in and tries to check for eggs under her) Thinking about using her to raise new chicks?? :confused:

Also a question on feed.

Chicks "require" starter feed, but adults can't have it...

How do you integrate chick(en)s of different feed needs since they can't have the same type?? :confused:
I've read that it's a matter of timing if you want to try giving a Broody chicks. She has to be setting closer to 'hatch date' before putting chicks in. Chicks then should be put in at night from the back. Chicks also shouldn't be too old.

Adults can eat Starter/Grower
Chick shouln't eat Layer & neither should males (calcium too high & can/may cause kidney damage)

That's why I feed Flock Raiser to all, put extra container (hens chest height) of Oyster Shells for the hens to peck out of as needed.

Not sure about the "adding chicks" but sure about the feed.
Adding chicks.....
Its all about the hormones.

Your broody will be more likely to adopt them if she has been sitting for nearly 3 weeks.

I have had better luck bringing my broody to the chicks early in the day. Yes totally backwards! Taking HER to them and during the morning.
Many have better luck sneaking them in after dark.
Fickle hens!

Getting the chicks to accept the big fluffy thing they have never seen before can be a bit tricky too.
The younger the better. Any chick over 5 days old will have a really hard time seeing her as mom and 5 days is pushing it.

The rewards of having a broody raise the chicks is so worth it.

Yes chick feed can be eaten by all but adult layer feed should not be eaten by chicks.
If everyone is eating it I recommend non medicated.

Are you certain your hen is broody?

Does she stay in the nest all night and nearly all day?

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