How to Handle Rooster Re-Integration


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Aug 3, 2009
We went on vacation for 9 days and I had put my aggressive Alpha rooster(WLH) in a chicken tractor inside the run so that the person taking care of them would not be attacked.
I let WLH out the morning after we got home-first thing he did was try to attack me, so I gave him a bit of a kick and we went on about our business. Later that afternoon, I heard WLH crowing up close to the house-went outside and found blood on my driveway and found him under my car. My little Lakenvelder rooster had taken over WLHs position while he was in "jail" and took exception to WLH trying to regain said position and gave him an old school tail whoopin'.
Now, I have them both in hospital crates while they recover from their respective injuries(jerks).
I will be putting the Lakenvelder and his ladies in their own pen as soon as he is rehabbed so that issue is resolved.
Problem is this-3rd rooster in line is my Black Sumatra(Frank) who is now handling all of the ladies on his own(really badly, I might add).
OK all that to ask this-when I put my WLH rooster back with the flock are WLH and Sumatra going to go at it? Frank(Sumatra) has always kept his place in the flock and seemed content in his Beta position. WLH has been out of the flock since Wednesday evening and will try to reintegrate him tomorrow or next day.
I aplogize for the disjointedness of this post, am battling nasty stomach bug and fighting roosters!

Culling vicious WLH is not an option, so please do not suggest this(tempting though it seems at times!).
Any help is appreciated as I am afraid I have really messed up the dynamic of my flock(all had been harmonious previous to our vacation).
You cannot change basic chicken nature. They are going to have a pecking order and it sounds like at least two of them both want to be the top bird. Some how, some way they have to be allowed to settle the issue. Roosters don't usually do each other serious harm if there is any way for the loser to get away from the winner. You're either going to have to let them fight it out until one wins or keep them permanently separated.

What worked for me in this similar situation, was to get all the boys far away from all the girls, and put the boys all in together. They will fight, but not so intently on killing each other. After they have gotten their antics out of their system, and are buddies, put them all back with the the same time.
Thanks for the advice.
I am such a softie that I cannot get rid of any of them, but don't want them to take each other out.
I think a bachelor pad is going to be the answer.
I was afraid of that-oh well, part of keeping roosters.
I'll stock up on Blu-Kote and Blood Stop powder.
You said it, not me(course I was thinking it
By the way, SilkieTime, my sister is the one that bought your silkie chicks a few weeks ago-I was up there this past week and they are absolutely beautiful!
THAT'S IT! Why didn't I think of that. Whew, I feel better now that my problem is solved!

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