How To Hatch Chicks

Jan 12, 2021
Tomorrow I am getting a dozen eggs for my broody hen to hatch. I have never hatched chicken eggs as when I first got my chickens they were already babies. My family is concerned that we are rushing into this and we need to prepare more and buy things just in case. However, we're not keeping the chicks, we're just hatching them and then selling them. So my question is, is there anything we need to get or need to know about hatching baby chicks? We've heard about them getting stuck, what should I do if that happens or anything else like that? Thank you!
How long has your broody been broody? She's doing all the work so there not much to know, except,
1. Mark developing eggs so you don't accidently take them. 2. Give momma her own space. 3. Provide chick feed and water for momma in her own space. Candle every few days so and dead or infertile eggs don't explode and ruin the rest.
It does seem you're rushing a bit....

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