How to help feathers grow back

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    I have one buff rock, a real sweetheart. Anyway, she had been a roo favorite, and got some bare spots. I then put on the chicken aprons and they helped but the feathers wouldn't grow back under there. I now have her completely seperated in a divided cage (3 other hens in the same boat)and had been for two months, but she just won't grow back her feathers back. What can I do to help her? I've been feeding "feather fixer" along with several bugs and beetles I catch every day. What can/should I do about this?
  2. Give it time. She may not grow them back until her fall molt. What I did for my gal when she lost so many feathers from a coyote attack was feed her turkey starter (30% protein) and offered her oyster shell if she wanted it. In 3 weeks she had grown most of her feathers back. By 6 weeks, you couldn't even tell she'd been missing so many feathers, including all her tail feathers. After 4 weeks, I put her back with the flock and back on regular layer feed.
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    it also depends if the bald spots are where feathers have broken off or pulled out. Broken ones with the root still in the skin won't grow out till she molts. Pulled feathers will usually grow back pretty fast- especially with supplemental protein.

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