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Can someone tell me step by step how to hook up a pc fan to a still air incubator? I have a little giant model 9200 and I want to make it into a circulated air incubator. Instead of putting out $40. +/- , I'm think I can get a pc fan at an electronics store to use, as this is what the air fan kits are...minus the correct size bolts and nuts to attach to the top. Any information will be helpful. Pictures would be an extra bonus!!!
I'm working on the same thing. I went to CompUSA to the repair area (kinda like GeekSquad at Best Buy they may do the same thing!) and asked them if they had any old CPU fans laying around that I was using for a project. They actually did and gave me one no charge! Also, mine is a 4pin (green, blue, yellow, black wires) so I'm attempting to figure that out myself. I found a link that may help I'll send you as soon as i find it again. =) Good luck!
Directions will vary with the fan, and how complex a connection you want to make. Most likely, you will end up with a 12 volt dc fan, and will want to use a less involved method to make it compatible with ac. The fan voltage, etc. should be listed or labeled on the case. If a 12 volt dc fan, go to a thrift store and buy a 12 volt cell phone charger. If you get a 6 volt fan, buy a 6 volt charger, etc. hooking up a 12 volt fan to a 6 volt charger will make the blades spin slow.

Cut off the very end of the phone charger wire that ends in a square connector rather than a typical wall plug.
Cut the end that is on your right in the photo.
Then, use a wire splicer to remove the outer black coating. You should see one small red and one small black wire inside. Remove enough of the red and black coating that about an inch of metal is exposed for both wires. 004.jpg

Take a look at your fan. It should have at least one red and one black wire. Some differ, but generally, any green, yellow, or blue wires are sensors or for speed control and can be ignored. Strip the red and black wires until about an inch of metal is exposed for both. If your fan does not have a red wire, then in that case, yellow is usually what you use in place of red.

You will be hooking the red wire on the charger to the red wire on the fan (or if the fan has no red wire, hook the yellow fan wire to the red phone charger wire) and the black charger wire to the black fan wire. There are different ways to do this, and a good photo source is
Make sure no metal wiring is exposed when finished, no matter the method used!

Take a look at the fan case. Usually, you will see an arrow somewhere near the blades. This indicates what direction they are meant to turn in. Plug the phone charger into a wall outlet, and make sure the blades are moving in the direction indicated. If they are not, the wrong wires were connected.
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Wow that was really helpful punk-a-doodle! So instead of using these darn batteries all ya need is the 12 cell phone charger to keep it DC? D'oh! Guaranteed ill always do something the hard way first lol. Thanks for such a descriptive guide!
Quote: Haha, all that means is this time it'll be a snap for you! :D

Hope you have cute little fluffy things hatching out soon.
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LOL thank you let's hope so! =)
Got the CPU fan all hooked up to a 9volt (of course i wouldnt have 12v around the house!) wall charger and it's running nicely! temps and humidity are settling nicely!!! not too much longer before i set eggs in there =D thanks again for the help!!!!
I got mine finished just in time to incubate some silkie eggs. It works just fine. I happened to have a very savvy electronics geek neighbor who loves to do things like this and he had it done within a couple of hours. Ok...I cheated, having someone else do it!
OH, and I used a 5 volt cell phone charger, cause the fan was 5 volt. I asked him if he could hook it up directly to the incubator, as the ones are done with the kit, but there was some snaffu about that....can't remember now.
LOL It's okay, i recruited my better half and punk-a-doodle's intelligence and then followed instructions... geeky = awesomeness... and i feel like i was part of it, i actually spliced wires and hooked up stuff!! HAHAHA
good luck on those silkies!

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