How to Hypnotize a chicken!

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  1. cackleberrycam

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    Sep 28, 2013
    Hey all! I thought I woud post some ways to hypnotize a chicken!
    It is very fun to do, and it does not hurt them at all.[​IMG]
    You may have to do them on the chicken a time or two before they work though.
    These ways come from the book, The Chicken Encyclopedia, by Gail Damerow.
    Here are some of the ways :

    -Turn the chickens onto its back, hold it with one hand, and with the other hand gently srtoke its thoat.

    -Turn the chicken onto its back, hold it with one hand, and with the thumb and index of the other hand, gently stroke both sides of its breast.

    -Place the chicken's head under one of its wings, and gently rock the chicken back and forth; then carfully set it on the ground

    -Lay the chicken on its side with its head on the ground, and hold it firmly for 30 seconds.

    -With the chicken standing,repeatedly draw your finger along the ground, strait out from under its beak to about six inches in front of the chicken.

    Please tell me how you like them![​IMG]
  2. Honomi

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    Sep 3, 2013
    Cornwall, England
    Hi. Strange enough this subject, a friend of mine who is familiar to chickens hypnotized one of my chicken few weeks ago, placing the head under the one of her wing and swinging her around few times.
    The trick worked well but my thought was I wouldn't let my chicken get hypnotize again. Because it looked a bit painful when her wing stretched right over her head and I'm not sure hypnotizing will give her side-affect in her later days.
    Could somebody assure me chickens are not in pain during hypnotizing or after?

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