How to incubate eggs?

Dec 17, 2017
North Carolina
I need someone who knows what they are doing because I’m paying a lot of money for eggs and I want a good humidity I’ve heard so many different things and im so confused what gets good hatch rates thanks! P.S.( I have hatched before but not great hatch rates the dry hatch didn’t work!) but wetter one did also im hatching frizzles naked necks and Cochins if that makes a difference ok bye thanks again everyone!


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Aug 17, 2018
southern indiana
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my first time incubating in the hatch a long! I read the articles here along with some other blogs etc that I have found along the way.....I’ve been keeping my early humidity between 18 and 33(when i add water) and at day 7, all eggs are showing normal development with good air cell start. i’m still a newbie but will be updating in the hatch along as we get closer to the big day!!!

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