how to incubate tennessee red quail eggs??


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Sep 1, 2009
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I have never incubated quail eggs, only chickens and turkeys. So, a few questions:

1) temp? I have it at 100 degrees. Is that okay?
2) humidity until lockdown? I have mine 48-50%
3) humidity at lockdown? I set mine to 70%
4) how many days til hatch? How many days til lockdown?

Thanks in advance!!
I read all of this online
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I read all of this online

Thanks. I found it online after I posted. I just didn't know if they were bobwhite, coturnix, etc. Never dealt with quail before. So, it will be an experience.
Tn Reds Are Bobs Incubation Period Is 23-24 Days
Temp= 100.5 At Top Of The Egg For Still Air/// 99.5 At Top Of The Egg For Forced Air
Humidity 45-55% For Incubation, 65+% For Hatch
Lockdown Morning Of Day 21
Use Cuation If Hatching In Forced Air As The Slow Pokes Are Prone To "shrink Wrapping" (inner Membranes Dry Out And Shrink Around Chick Causing Suffocation)
I stopped the turner thinking it was the same 18 day incubation time. Will this hurt my hatch or should I have them back on the turner?

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