How to install a fan to a little Giant 9200


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When you install the PC fan in your incubator, which way to do you face it? Do you have it so the air blows down onto the eggs or so it sucks the air up and pushes it out toward the wall?

I have a still air incubator and would like to add a fan for better circulation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this is my first time incubating!!
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Ask Auntie Sophie, she'll know!

I haven't a clue, check out Miss Prissy's homemade incubator thread? You have 2 weeks or so.......
Air movement is what you're looking for, The fan will help rid any hot spots or cool spots, and help the thermostat be more accurate . If possible I would not direct the air right at the eggs.
I space my fan about 2 inches from the wall and faces into the wall. I do this for 2 reasons. First, blowing onto the heating lamp to distribute the heat better. Second, I didn't want so much direct air on the eggs due to possible cooling/convection effect.
it is the Little Giant Still Air 9200.

A guy who had bought some of my babies brought it to me. He said he didn't really want to hatch any eggs and thought maybe I could use it! Free is great! it is brand new, never used...I just need to tweak it to make it perfect!
And apparently there are some youtube directions for installing it! 5 minute video!

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