How to install hardware cloth?


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We are building our run for our 6 chicks and are going to do all sides including top and bottom in hardware cloth. My questions are:

Do we use staples to install it?

Do we put it on the inside of the wood frame or the outside?

I was wondering if raccoons or possums can pry the wire mesh off the wood frame. If they can would it be easier for them if it was on the inside and they could push it out.

Thanks for any help!!!
YOu dont mean the staple GUN stapes? You mean the poultry wire staples dont you? THICKER? The kind you hammer in?
The kind you use in a gun can be torn out by a dog .Dont know about a coon

Used the hardware cloth and used the poultry wire staples on my run and had the ultimate test
My 165 mastiff dug at the fence a few times one night and did make a 2 inch hole in the wire ..I did however double the wire put it outside AND inside Over 2x2;s so there is an "air space" barrier of 2 inches between each layer now. For dogs i also did NOT staple down the very lowest bottom of the outside cloth which goes to the ground b/c i know dogs DONT like their nails caught in wire when it moves and harder to get out thagt way when they dig so they will stop. My girl did it agian today bother the chickens, and no hole at all.Think she just whined and barked tios time
.Coons another story cant say on them but i think one layer of the wire will do for them if the staples are pretty heavy ones and fairly close .
I used fender washers( the cheaper ones) and screws to attach my hardware cloth(wire) I found the staples can be pulled right out even the ones I drove in. gloria jean
We used regular staple gun staples on ours and II have never had any problems. Get the biggest gage you can to fit your stapler,, we bought a cheap staple gun for like 15$ to do it with. I put the staples every 2-4". Welded wire is so stiff that I think it would be to much for a raccoon to try to pull the stapled edges up enough to get in. Not to mention the edges will be sharp! If you were worried you could staple like and inch or so in from the edge and then twist the 2 ends together or something? I used 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch welded wire to make both portable runs and transport cages I use to quarantine outside as well. Like I said no problems here and I have seen large family groups of raccoons in front of my house many time especially in fall as its getting cold out. The raccoon we have are huge!!! Like the size of small labs! They eat pet food and small pets all the time so they are monsters! lol
I use a air driven staple gun, then i cover the staples and the sharp edges with a strip of wood that is screwed in. Hardware cloth leaves SHARP edges when cut

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