How to introduce 8 week old silkie into coop


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
How and when can I put her in with the other hens? We just got her today and she is in the extra dog kennel on our porch. No heat, hopefully that is OK? We have 10 POL hens and a few 6 months and a few 2 year old hens. Also a broody sitting on 8 eggs that will hopefully hatch in 10 days! I am just not sure how to get them all blended into the same coop and when that is possible!
I think I would move a silkie in with her for a few days, then add another. I think the best introductions are when the newbie hosts the get together
We don't have any other silkies, we have a few bantams and a frizzle cochin that are all smallish. I wondered because she is so much smaller and can't eat layer ration she should stay seperate till POL although that is a bit of a pain in the butt
But she is so darn cute!!!
Ok Thanks! We have just done worming lately anyways so that is what I thought!! So I will keep her alone in the dog cage until she is at least 12 weeks

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