How to introduce a baby to pullets?


Jul 25, 2018
According to my city ordinance I am allowed only 3 hens. I have 2 4 month hens, and recently my neighbor's hens were killed by raccoons and they gave me their lone survivor, a 2 day old chick. My hens are not even laying yet and I'm afraid I have no idea how to handle this situation. Can I raise the baby by itself and slowly introduce it to my current girls? How can I introduce the baby to my immature pullets? I can't get another baby because I have no one to give away any extra chickens to, my neighbors don't want them.
Raise the little chick by itself and once it is the same size of your pullets then slowly introduce them. Try getting a dog cage and putting the chick and put the cage near your coop so they can see each other but not cause any harm. Good luck!
When the chick is big enough to leave the brooder, (you do have brooder, right?) at 4 weeks or so, set up a see-no-touch arrangement and monitor reactions. I usually don't let them fully integrate for another month.

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