How to introduce new rooster to the flock

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Chicken Little-er, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Feb 5, 2011
    We are having to re-home of our current rooster because he has become more aggressive than I can handle. Found an excellent farm that will take him. We've been offered a Cochin rooster of mild temperament as a replacement -- from a friend who has wonderful healthy chickens. Do I need to exercise any special care introducing him to the hens in terms of being accepted / pecking order, etc. many thanks!
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    First off, quarantine. No matter how healthy the new roo looks, no matter how good the place he's coming from looks. Thirty days, minimum.

    After that, I say just add him in one night and be there bright and early in the morning to make sure everything's going smoothly. There's going to be some pecking, some fussing, but as long as there's no blood being drawn, best to let them work out the new pecking order.
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    I just switched my roosters and all is going well so far! [​IMG] My 1 1/2 year old Red the Rhode Island Rooster is just too horny for just 6 gals and my 10 month old Welsummer/Black Copper Maran Rooster, Prince, is over loaded with 16 gals and just doesn't have the hormones Red has. Plus, he is very gentle with his gals. So I switched them out over the weekend. Moved them in at night and separated them from the gals by a fence/cage so they could check each other out but not get to each other. No issues there. Let them out in the general population in the morning and they're doing fine. Each wants to go back to their old place (not sure if it is because of the gals they miss or just the 'home') but they're doing fine! Hope it stays that way! Red can 'knock himself out' with 16 gals compared to 6! [​IMG] The 6 gals with Prince William now can maybe get a little bit of a break.
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    Quote:I agree. I have also done the introduction when I let them out to free range after the bird comes out of quarantine. During the quarantine period I have the birds close enough to see each other but not touching. This gives the flock time to somewhat adjust to the newcomer before I let the new bird into the flock. I put plenty of treats out too so the birds concentrate on the treats when I let them out to free range together. As gritsar said there will be some pecking issues as they re-establish their pecking order. When I free range it gives the birds being picked on more room to run away from the aggressor. Good luck... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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