How to introduce one 5 week old duckling to a 16 week old flock of 3

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    I have a beautiful female welshie who is now 5 weeks and currently living indoors as her brothers and sisters have all gone to new homes- sadly I could only accommodate one of the seven I hatched. She is doing wonderful and seems to really enjoy being in with us all. Especially me , she follows me everywhere. of course eventually she needs to go outside, I’m not sure how to do this, she has had 15/20 mins visits outside with the older ones , she tends to run if they come too close to her and one of them is a little pushy but not overly mean.

    When should I be looking at longer visits out or overnight stays

    any advice appreciated

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    Can you set up a separate pen for her so she can become familiar through the fence? That's what I would do with supervised mingling for a while.
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    X 2!
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    Jul 23, 2019
    Yes..I always introduce my ducks by putting them in side by side pens..this has meant, for us, building many extensions onto our pen! But, for one, a dog crate would be great..she can she this about 5-7 days..until they freely mingle during the less time with you inside...I’m sorry..but she needs to learn to be an outside duck or she’ll only get confused....they will pick on her for a bit..that’s how it is..but she’ll be ok...I’ve integrated soo many..I have 43... you can do’s what’s best for her..ducks are social creatures...
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