How to keep a chicken warm in the winter?


Dec 14, 2018
Northwest Ohio
Thank you! Would putting a heat-lamp in the house cause any problems, though? We have a small house for the chickens, and I don't think our heat lamp would fit. I could buy a smaller heat lamp, but could it possibly light something on fire? I'm sorry for the stupid questions 😅.
It's my second year of raising chickens, and last year we had a chicken, who was molting, freeze to death at the end of winter. We're trying not to make the same mistake again.
I would strongly advise against a heat lamp of any kind. Even ignoring the obvious fire hazard, you’re getting your chickens accustomed to heat and when it is removed they will be unaccustomed to the cold and could die or get sick from the shock of freezing air. If you heat it continually but then lose electricity it could have the same problem.
The other chickens will heat the bare-bum molter. No worries.


Nov 24, 2020
I would just make sure to always have a draft free, and insulated area they can go to when free ranging or in the run. Mine never go into the coop during the day, but I have added tarps to the run to limit wind in their eating area. When they are chilly or it's raining, they hang out in our shed.

Ditto to no ponchos or sweaters. To my understanding, touching the new pin feathers can be very painful. My most affectionate hen does not like to be touched at all when she's molting and squeaked when I had to pick her up for something. A sweater or poncho will constantly rub on those sensitive pin feathers when molting. I would suggest the halloween/holiday photos before or after the molt : )


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Jul 3, 2016
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In most cases no extra care is necessary. Even down into freezing temperatures, as long as the bird is healthy and has easy access to draft free areas where it can shelter, it should be fine.

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