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    Sep 25, 2015
    This thread will be on Keeping Healthy Chickens.

    Garlic:Garlic has many vitamins etc to help protect chickens from viruses.It also helps their eggs taste better,and keep parasites from eating on them.Crushed up garlic spreaded on the food (This is more recommended for chicks.If your birds appear a little down or not feel to well,give them some garlic.
    Garlic water is also a suggested way of keeping a healthy flock.I am in the middle of trying this method.Each gallon of water drop one piece of garlic.I just used two and didn't follow the rules.

    Bird Flu:This is often common with chickens.Do not let wild birds eat or hang around your chickens.
    If your chickens do happen to catch the bird flu just give the saurkruat.I tried this and healed my bantam hen.The cabbage in it has some sorta of vitamin that apparently fights off the disease.It was also confirmed by scientist that Kimichi and saukraut have healed diseased birds.

    All day feed and fresh water is also good.Water is so critical to a chickens heath.Chickens can go so long without water,but really,do you wanna make your hens suffer?I often do not have water in the chicken dishes,but I have pools with water from them to drink from,and a dog bowl.Make sure your hens water is clean.I have ducks,and they often get the water dirty,but it is all ok.It is just feed and a lil bit of dirt,it happens.

    Free Ranging:Grass,bugs,weeds,minerals etc is all very good for a hens health.This keeps them slim,lean,and happy.This is what I do to keep a happy flock.
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    I don't really believe in adding strange stuff to my chickens. You can if you want to.

    My mode is to keep my girls and too in plenty of space, feed enough good quality commercial feed that it is pretty well cleaned up. They have protection from the wind, get fresh water daily.

    I have had one sick bird that I culled in 8 years. Chickens don't really need any doctoring.

    Mrs K
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    Is the bird flu you are referring to the same as Avian flu?
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    I was asked to move in with my son about 3 months ago, unable at the time I was caring for my grandchildren full-time living with me although, planning for over year to move in and take care of my son, not really knowing that I would be taking care of his farm and getting my education from Google on how to do what!

    A few months ago calls coming on from his physicians, social workers extremely concerned about my son and being being 100% disabled injured in Iraq as an army ranger with a dream of having his own small farm. Living in the rim country of Arizona, we have two ducks, 18 chickens, six hens, five dogs and two goats one is getting ready to have her babies any day, I will definitely need guidance on delivery and want to do with the babies and care for them. Google has so many different answers and she is expecting any day now.

    I moved up about three weeks ago, somebody unfortunately broke into my home installed everything that I owned, no insurance and needless to say they even took socks from my drawer! I ended up moving up here a lot sooner, I had to get my grandchildren arranged( I miss him terribly, but I'll see them soon).
    Here u am, googling how to raise these animals and finding thousands of different answers and we have a greenhouse that I have to learn how to maintain and grow my own fruits and vegetables that were able to eat.
    If anybody knows or has knowledge on a greenhouse, I am in desperate need of a solar fan inside the greenhouse, I have no idea where to get one, nor what kind. If anybody knows please let me know what works!
    We're hoping to sell eggs, make goat milk, cheese and even goat soap to try to get this form back up and running and get some chicken pens that are sufficient enough to maintain a nice healthy chicken and eggs.
    He came in kind of blinded by the fact that you thought you can raise some animals but he got his advice from a neighbor, and now the chickens are needing a new home built and I need some help on how to build the best home and nice ideas on how to make some nest for them so they can keep laying eggs.
    I need help what do I do with all of these eggs?
    I ended up throwing about 200 eggs away when I just moved in recently, they were left at room temperature inside and I wasn't sure if these were good or bad.
    We get about 18 eggs a day, what are the best procedures that I can follow every day with these eggs? From the time I go get them in the coop to the time that it comes where I need to keep them organized, dated, stored – now that's where I'm lost. I need help with a method to this madness to keep our eggs fresh.
    Does anybody have a neat system that they use to keep organize, fresh, no the date, and I don't have much refrigerator room but I do have a big freezer. What if I want to sell these eggs for extra money so I can purchase some farm equipment that all need, is there a legal process I go about this?
    Two goats, Nolla's getting ready to have babies and I just need to know what I can do to make her delivery easier?
    How to milk the mom, is there any ideas that I can make it home as a milking station?
    And keeping them healthy, safe which we do have a big fenced backyard in the middle of the forest with the predator light and they have their own little home they get to stay in. I'm not sure if I have to separate the babies from the mom and the dad, I researched and they said two different things the mom will stay with him during the day and they have to be alone at night which does not make sense. But again this is new to me.
    I have a lot of questions I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have.

    We're doing this to get some extra money so were able to feed these animals right now, I was not expecting everything in my home to be stolen, and to purchase a pellet stove for his home, the VA and these loans are not as great as they say.

    And in order for me to stay here and be a caregiver and help out, which I never thought I would have so much joy out of taking care of these animals and making sure that they're safe, fed and taken care of I really like, it gives me a peace of mind! Anyway, I am blood disorder where my blood is there the most is all and what feels like 50° to somebody feels like 30 or 20° to me, so my goal is to get a pellet stove in this house priority, it is freezing!! I know the animals are warm, my son make sure that they were very taken care of!
    I would appreciate any advice, any equipment that I can get to make my life easier for example making butter, yogurt, pasteurization. And we're going to have to go with the least expensive route because right now, if my home was not broken into I would've sold all of my things to get this darn stove inside of here and get but we need to start our little local business hopefully. Most importantly this food is for us to eat, and the greenhouse I can't wait to get started – it is time to start planting. Does anybody know the best seeds that grow up in the rim in Arizona?
    The greenhouse stays extremely warm and we're looking for an exhaust fan if anybody has any ideas instead of purchasing the crazy expensive fans for your greenhouse, please let me know will do it. I'm looking forward to your answers and help and guidance through our farming experience:) I will be posting pictures soon, any request I'm happy to provide pictures so you're able to help and guide the best way possible!

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