How to keep eggs from getting tossed around during hatch?


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May 1, 2009
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I think I did about half my hatch in by removing newly hatched chicks. I just had the eggs sitting on the hardware cloth and when the first chicks hatched, they were pushing the other eggs everywhere so I took them out to put in the brooder and probably dried the eggs that were yet to hatch. Next time I'd like to just leave all the chicks in the incubator and take them all out when the hatch is done, but I need to find some method of how to keep the eggs that haven't hatched yet from being thrown around. Could you please share what you do?


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May 3, 2009
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In my experience chicks pushing, moving around, and cheeping seems to spur the other chicks on to hatch. Very similar actions take place under a broooding hen. You might try constricting the space in your incubator by filling in 'unoccupied' space with towels - locating all eggs in a smaller space.

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