How to keep Guineas from going over the fence....Happy Halloween! =}


Mar 4, 2016
Virginia, USA
So our Guineas have lately been naughty and flying over the fence and then screaming for me to open the gate to let them back in, because, of course, they don't know how to fly back home.

What's more, there are hawks around and the Guineas screaming and running back and forth along the fence and into the fence are sitting ducks for the hawks to have a meal - thankfully that has not happened yet.

I had to do something - not being sure where they go over, I was hoping it would be at the gate, not in the woods and later coming back to the gate on the outside - anyway, I thought maybe a plastic owl, then I remembered our Halloween flags! Perfect! And it worked (for today)! Yeah!

The dogs were also spooked, ha ha!

Halloween fence_1.jpg
Halloween fence_2.JPG
Halloween fence_3.JPG
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Halloween fence_6.JPG
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Mar 4, 2016
Virginia, USA
Haha! Great idea! I hope it’s able to work for more then just a day or two.
I give it a week, ha ha.

But, with any amount of luck it will have broken their routine of going over there everyday and maybe they won't anymore! Fingers crossed.

If not: rinse and repeat. I can come up with other scrary things... he he.


Feb 19, 2019
Klondike, Texas
I finally got all mine sleeping in the house again and the younger set of guineas who are constantly molting apparently as I can not keep their wings clipped for more than a week at a time have taken to sleeping in the tree on the limb above the house. They've taken the young turkeys to the dark side as well. I foresee me out in the wet/cold very soon with some scissors...

Good try with the spooky flags though. lol
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May 21, 2018
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Well, the one day was nice.... Our Guineas are too smart for their own good. Hrmph!

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Oh my! Ghosts are so fun too! How about covering the bottom part of the fence with opaque cloth so the guineas can’t see what they would they would be flying into? You could also try the umbrella method, where you wait on the other side and open the umbrella if they pass into the no go zone...

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