how to keep poultry off the top of the waterer?

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  1. I have one of those metal waterers, it has a slightly domed top. The turkeys think it's a great perch, and boy do they fowl the water. Fowl, foul, fowl. How do I keep them off of it???
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    Can you hang it from the ceiling? If it is swinging around, they will stay off.
  3. Not sure, it's pretty heavy, but that does make me think - I could just hang something lighter weight over it that will dangle and hit them. [​IMG] Maybe a good old CD so they think a fellow turkey is attacking them.
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    Quote:I have been curious about how to hang a waterer. I have my ducks and chickens together, all about the same age They get along great. As you might expect, the ducks get a little crazy with the water. They have a pond, but they also like to use the waterer for a quick splash. I have been thinking of hanging a waterer, but would like some input on how to do it. What kind of waterer to use, how high to hang it, what to hang it with, and any other advice?

    Thanks a lot!
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    I tried the chain from the ceiling thing but found it too unstable and caused a lot of water loss and took up too much walking around room. Now I have one of those white metal brackets like one would use to hang a dowel rod for a closet. Then I found the hens like to roost on top of that! I just put a 1x1 at an opposite angle to the top of the hanger to form a triangle. They can no longer roost there and I have a good way to keep my water off the floor and out of the mess.
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    Hanging the metal double wall founts may not work. There is only a little metal pin that is for keeping the outer wall in place to support all the weight of the water. Water weighs 8 lbs a gallon. The directions that came with my founts said not to even carry the waterers by the handle on the cover, use the inside carrying handle.

    It might work but you would be putting a lot of trust in a little pin and a thin wall.
  7. My waterer is up on a cinder block, and I also hung a little funky block of wood on a string right over the waterer and that solved the problem. They do not like to boink into it. Easy & very safe. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to try them out and see what works.
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    When they are young and silly, I keep a cowboy hat over mine. Fits perfectly and the brim stops anyone from jumping up.
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    If hanging wont work, get it off the floor on a platform and make a cone for the top of it so they cant get on it.
    Or hang a tray or pan or bucket by a cord a few inchses above the waterer. This discourges the boobs from getting up on it.
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